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No internet connection

Level 2
Hello, I just realized my internet was off. I checked with NBN and there was no outage in my area. I use this wireless home internet broadband and the light of “internet” was actually off…all the other lights were on in green. My NBN device was working fine will all the lights on in green.

Can someone please help me for this ?
Level 2
I am also having the same issue. Tried calling TPG support and been waiting for more than 70 minutes. It's a waste
Level 7

Are you FTTN? And if you have VOIP have you got dial tone?
The most common fault cause on FTTN is a problem (intermiitent or soiid) in the copper joints to the node.
Some modem/routers like the VX420 will reset automatically after the fault has cleared. Other makes might need rebooting

Level 2
Thanks for the reply…but I am not really a tech savvy so not quite what FTTN means…is there way I can check ?
Also, by checking TPG service outage information , it looks like there is an unplanned service outage in my nearby suburb…not sure if that’s affecting my area too…
Level 7

FTTN is fibre to the node. That is a copper run to a street node near you. The lead into your home is a 'normal' telephone line plugged into DSL on your modem/router.

Yes you may well be affected by the outage you found.


Hi @idreesshah


We recommend to always visit our Service Status page to check for maintenance/outage:


If your address is not listed, please send us a private message and we'd be happy to help!