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No internet connection

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Our internet has not been working for a week. I have attempted
everything I can to fix this (turning off/on, checking cables, factory reset,
removing then re-adding the network, following troubleshooting guides,
checking the admin IP details) and still not working. I have been on hold
with Technical Support for 20 mins, and have emailed helpdesk who has not responded. I have also
attempted to email your adsl help desk however this email bounced. Can you
advise how to fix this issue?

Hi @Deanmatthysen 


Welcome to TPG Community!


We were able to locate your account using your community details and understand that you've managed to reach one of our Technical Supports yesterday.


After testing the line, they've found out a possible cut within the copper line which may have caused the issue. The case was escalated to our Engineering team for further investigation and they've requested for a Telstra technician to check the line.


They've booked a technician and they target to resolve the issue on or before the 28th of January. Your attendance is NOT required.


Further updates will be given via SMS or phone call by your assigned Engineer once available.