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No internet for 2 days on broadband. Cannot get help as 2+ hour phone wait

Level 2
2 days with no internet and over 2 hour waits on the phone line. There is no way to submit a form for help this is absolutely ridiculous. You would think that a telecommunications company would be set up so that we could make contact. Accounts appear up to date, there are no listed outages on the site for broadband. How is this being fixed? Will we be compensated? Why hasn't anyone contacted the customers?
Level 7

Although 'No Internet' may turn out to not be TPG's fault, the problem telephoning is troubling. However, mods here are responsive so you've come to the right place.

Level 2
I certainly hope so as they have no other ways to contact them and over 2 days I was on the phone waiting with no information, or details for over 2 hours each day

Hi @Misschloe, please send us a private message with your account details and we'll look into this right away.