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No internet, no NBN outage - 2283

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My internet has been down all day yesterday, 30 Dec. I checked for outages in my area (none), and checked the connection (no data and no internet), I’ve turned the modem and nbn off and back on hoping they’ll reconnect (no luck), did a hard reset of the modem. I’ve tried ringing twice and ask for call back and no call back on the nominated time. Called again, have been on hold for over 45mins and hang up. I’m still going through the support links hoping I find a solution. Can someone please help.

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I'm having the same issue from the 30th. It has been over 36 hours. No reply at all. I'm in Brisbane, Qld, HFC NBN.
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Same here.

They are a disaster


Hi All, 


The outage should be resolved now. You may also check the status here:


We recommend doing a quick reboot on your modem. If there's still no connection, please send us a private message, we'd be happy to assist. 



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Internet has dropout again since last night around 10pm. It's been out for nearly six hours now.