No Service for 3 days

Level 2
Our area has has nbn issues since December 31st. Told nbn box is full of water. I keep getting messages it is resolved and is currently not listed as an outage on Nbn. But we still have no access, have restarted everything 3 times. Others in the suburb on various networks are still affected. How do I get an update on the outage time? And Report that it is not fixed? Been on hold to Tpg for over an hour.
Level 7

If you are on FTTN that is the kind of problem I had, to do with flaky copper joints. For me, converting to FTTP was the answer. Fibre is not affected by water -- or lightning for that matter (though mains equipment such as routers and NTD box are vulnerable to very close strikes). An FTTN connection makes use of nodes, which are active cabinets with mains supplies inside. In contrast FTTP uses fibre distribution hubs, which are part of the 'passive optical network'  (PON) ie no mains or other electric power is involved.


Hi @Lou_hg,


We recommend to always visit our Service Status page to check for maintenance/outage:


If your address is not listed, send us a private message and we'd be happy to sort out your connection.