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No internet or email

Level 1a

I haven't been able to access the internet or receive/send emails for about a month. Very frustrating.

Have checked modem settings, there seems to be some contention as to which settings I should use, either dynamicIP addresses or fixed. I received information that each type is the appropriate settings when I look at various information on the TPG website, two web pages giving me conflicting informatio re what I should use. With fixed all I can access is Facebook and nothing else, while currently with dynamic I am disconnected, even though after checking my settings against my account on the TPG website, I should be running L2 with Dynamic, so which is correct? Is there an issue with the server at TPG, somehow blocking my access? I know I was throttled back last month, and since then no access. Has my account or the server been flagged as overdue (which it isn't) in error maybe when the trottling occurred resulting in me being almost totally disconnected?

Windows 10 reports reports issues with the ISP server by the way when I run the troubleshooter.


Good day @philw01.


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We were able to locate your account using your community details and learned that you are under our ADSL Off-net service. This service is dependent on your home phone connection, if there's an issue with the home phone, then the internet service will be affected.


We'd like to know:

- Does your home phone has a dial tone?

- Can you hear any audible noise in the background?



- what is the status of the lights on your modem?

- what are the troubleshooting that you've done so far?


We need more information for us to analyze the issue.


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