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No internet

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when you don't have the internet connection, they tell you to check on the website and download app to check connection, then hang up the phone! 

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I have difficulties accessing internet, inlcuding, is the a current outages in Wishart - 4122 area?

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Hi all my internet has suddenly stopped working and on my Archer vr1600v when I go into Advanced -> System tools -> Diagnostics and run the check, it is failing on Network Connection Status Inspect (NCSI) with the prompt stating "Please configure your DNS manually"
Looking at the DNS settings under Network->LAN setting my primary DNS is set to and the secondary is
If someone can assist that would be appreciated.
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Internet light is on. I tried to off and on the riuter many times but still not working
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I have lost my broadband connection since 8:00pm 15/09, it seems this is an Australian wide issue, any updates when this outrage could be resolved?
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First time here and customer of TPG
How long do these “ outages “ last for ?
Had no internet since 930 today
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About 4 years old TPLink white modem, no known outages, modem power recycled, unplugged power and phone cord for 5 minutes done. Still having problem. Can someone help and tell me if I need to reset modem?

All lights are green on the modem but internet is disconnected according to the modem interface. Please see the picture.


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Internet has been down since around 9pm, any word or update on what's going on?


Looking at other recent posts, it seems to be happening all over Australia?

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I'm in the Hawkesbury area, same here. FTTC on and off for a bit, mostly off