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Not receiving emails from certain senders

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Dear TPG

I have noticed that this is a topic that appears quit a bit on the Community pages - however a solution doesn’t appear to have been posted.
For over the past 24months, and particularly over the last three months (2023), I am not receiving emails from certain senders - 50% of the time. One of those senders happens to be one of my major employers, so I need to be receiving their emails, otherwise I miss out on work.
I am also not the only TPG user who is not receiving emails from this particular company. However, if I get them to send emails to another email provider, all is OK, and other people who don’t use TPG as an email provider receive the same email OK (bulk email send out).
In TPG Post Office, I have all SPAM/Junk settings turned off and the certain email addresses have been placed in both the Allowed Email and Mailing List Filters.
I am Apple Mac based - but as the emails never get received by the TPG Post Office, then that shouldn’t be an issue (program based, settings or otherwise).
If you could let me know a solution or contact me for further information that would be great.


Hi @bforce, could you provide us the email addresses of those who cannot send emails to you? Also, are they getting any bounce back or error message? You can send these details together with your TPG username via private message.