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Ongoing problems with email

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Over the past few months, I have had many problems with the reliability of TPG email. Many emails are not being delivered, and in most cases, (probably an even worse problem), I'm not receiving any delivery notification failures. The problems seem to be most prevalent when sending to Optus and Gmail accounts. I think Optus is working ok now, but Gmail is still giving probolems. The Gmail problem is not affecting all Gmail accounts, as we can reach some users. I have also had reports from others (again mostly on Optus and Gmail), that they have sent me emails that are not arriving, and they are also not being notified of the delivery failure. I have checked that the missing emails are not present at the TPG Post Office, and are not in junk folders. To add to my concerns, I am regularly getting "Cannot connect to server" errors from both Outlook (Windows 10 PC) and iPhone, plus the problem with the TPG mail server expired certificate, which has been fixed but was not a good situation. I have been a happy TPG customer for around 20 years, but  as I use email as an important tool for communications, I need to know that emails are delivered, and I am starting to lose faith. Can someone advise if there are known problems with the TPG mail system, if anything is being done to address them, and what sort of timeframe we are looking at for resolution? Thanks.


Hi @cshall5


We'd like to investigate this further in order to provide proper resolution for this type of issue.

Shoot me a PM with your email address along with the dates of the email that you did not receive?



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Hi I have exactly the same issues can I ask did tpg resolve your issues?
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Hi Basil


I have looked at the TPG advice about how to PM a moderator, but when I click on your name, all I get is your 'about' info, no 'send a message' button is there.


I am also having problems with getting emails from Gmail. Our tennis club uses a Gmail address ( and I am on the Committee, so need to see correspondence from them. We have a number of members who have TPG email and after every mailout, the Gmail inbox is flooded with notifications of failed attempts to send to TPG addresses. Gmail tries to resend 10 times I think, so this is pretty painful. My TPG address is I have tried setting up a spam filter, to no avail.


Hoping you can help. Thanks




Hi @smiffs 


You need to reach level 2 before you are able to send a private message.


Could you provide a screenshot of the bounce back error message they received via PM?