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Online light flashing in NBN Arris CM8200 modem

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My NBN modem (Arris CM8200) is going through an endless reboot cycle. The power light comes on followed by Downstream, Upstream both of which eventually stay on, followed by online which just flashes. Online flashes for a while and then the whole cycle starts again, power light followed by downstream etc.

I’ve tried powering the modem down, disconnecting the power and HFC cable and then reconnecting but it doesn’t fix anything. I was going to try a hard reset using a paper clip but was worried that it may erase everything and make the modem unusable. Can I safely do a hard reset? Is there anything else I can do now as technical support is closed?

Hi @MikeBH,


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We have located 2 active accounts using your community details and we'd like to make sure that we'll be working on the right one. Please PM us your TPG customer ID, username and complete address so we can look into this further.


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Level 1a
Thanks Riezl. The issue has somehow resolved itself after a number of hours. I didn’t know how to close the post. I can still PM my details if you like.

Glad to hear that it's all sorted now, @MikeBH! It also shows on our end that your modem is connected for more than a day now. 


Should the issue persists, kindly PM us with your TPG account details so we can perform remote tests and determine any underlying cause. 


You may also check this link for basic troubleshooting:Troubleshooting Your Internet Connection