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Outgoing e-mails labelled as spam and undeliverable

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I, and three other TPG users I help with IT support, have been receiving the following message while trying to send e-mails from my
Sending the message content to the server failed.

The server response was: [TPG-S02] [0119U2Bd003825] Message rejected as it
appears to be spam. Use SMTP AUTH, PostOffice, or contact the Postmaster Team

I temporarilly solved the issue by creating a new email profile in Outlook, but that's a pain as I get duplicate mail for any messages still on the server, plus the issue just came back. Could you remove the blacklisting for my email address and message me to acquire the other three email addresses for the others that need resetting. Thanks.



Hi @Hazza 

Welcome to TPG Community!

You will receive the error if your account has been detected by our system that it is sending a SPAM email.

To resolve this issue, you need to change the password of your email account via My Account.

Please run a full scan on your computer to make sure that no malware/virus that affects your account.

Should you require further assistance, please let us know.

Kind regards,

Level 2

I am an IT professional and am aware of the reasons a SMTP server may blacklist an account for SPAM. However, this issue has been reported previously by many users, and with no changes to any of our three computers in regards to virus/trojan/spam activity we have started having this issue all within 2 weeks of each other. In the previous community posts regarding this, your TPG rep has 'reset' the connection to the SMTP server to fix the issue (see link below). I suspect this actually means removing the account from the blacklist or similar.


I do not believe this issue is due to virus like mail activity in these instances, and another close family member rang TPG support 2 weeks ago to solve this issue, and it did not help by resetting the password on the account. The only way to temporarilly fix the issue was to create a new mail profile in Outlook, which in itself is quite odd as that would point to outlook as the issue, but the new profile is identical to the old..


Can you try the fix as per previous posts for us first?


Thanks for the additional details, @Hazza. We will raise this to our Postmaster for further investigation. Please PM me the email address affected with the issue.

In case you need a reference: How do I private message (PM) in the community