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Outgoing emails delayed 4-5 hours

Level 7

Using Outlook. Net fine. Perfect email operation until yesterday. Now outgoing emails delayed 4-5 hours. TPG mailserver? Anyone else? Part of migration process (I opted in months ago)?

Level 15

I have similar problem with Windows Live Mail where mail was not sent immediately as it normally is.

When WLM connects to (, instead of the mail server sending 220 code, it sent:

451 Temporary local problem - please try later

The mail item stayed in the Outbox.

The mail item was able to be resent manually. Situation seemed to improve later in the evening.

Level 7

In my case the sent email did leave the out box and arrive in the sent items, but it did not get to the destination for a long time. Got better in evening here as well.

Level 7

Mods, are you aware of any email problems on the system. Am I migrataed yet?