Packet loss

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Recently our line was repaired. After quite some time, our NBN is working better than ever. We are getting advertised speeds, no drop outs etc, it really is as good as we can expect. Obviously this makes us very happy, so we cancelled our tpg technician visit who was due to come and check our connection due to slow speeds. 


In the past day or so I've noticed when I am gaming online, I get packet loss. I have ran ping plotter and can see my spikes correspond with lag/dropouts etc. I'm no expert with this, is the loss is on my end with the modem? Just wondering what checks I can do to try and solve this issue? As I said the internet is working fine and notice absolubtly no issues downloadnig, streaming etc. This is only an issue for online gaming. I do not have another modem I can check with at this point. i have also run these tests over wifi and ethernet cable plugged in with virtually no difference in either.





Hi @Michealb


Thanks for raising this with us.


We've arranged a call from our Tech team to check with your service further as they may require additional test to confirm if there's an issue within our network or yours.

A technician will be in touch with you tomorrow between 10AM - 12NN.


Stay safe.