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Patchy connectivity/slow as a wet week

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When we first TPG installed about two years ago, the service was great.  We have a two-level apartment, the second level of which is a basement with no window and it is essentially a concrete blockhouse.  We have an office downstairs and a semi-smart TV.  We have a extender on the stairs.  

If I was to purchase a Google Nest with a couple of hops, could I swap out my router.  Or is it that the plan needs to be upgraded.  The connectivity is slow or patchy and there are many, many streaming issues with the semi-smart TV with a Fetch box.  

It could be a traffic issue, being an apartment, and it seems to be okay in the middle of the day, but morning, from about 6.30 am, it's ordinary or non-existent and the evenings from 6.30 pm.  On weekends, it can be any time.  

If you let me know who to e-mail, I will.  I'd like to speak with someone directly.  


Hi @Finefoodgirl


If you are under the NBN BYO plan, then there's a possibility that the Google nest will work without the TPG provided device.


If you are under the bundled NBN with VoIP plan or TPG FTTB, then you can only use the Google nest as an access point or extender for the main TPG modem/router.


Shoot me a PM with your TPG username or customer ID number.