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Persistant Internet Drop Outs on wireless

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For a couple of weeks nows I am getting internet drop outs on my wirless devices.


I raised a ticket, #9330595, which you state is "resolved"  .  Well it isn't!  


The issue still persists.  I can sometimes fix it myself by shutting down first the TP Link modem, then the NBN.  Then powering back the NBN, then the TP Link.  This sometimes works, but only kereps the connection for a couple of hours at best.


I've switched the channel to #6, but that hasn't helped.  I did this because most of the nearby networks were on channel 2 & mine was ch4.


Please reopen the ticket number and fix the issue.  My main wireless device is my pc, the others are mobile phones and my printer.




Sorry to learn that you have been experiencing issues with wireless connection, @hammer


I've since checked the status of your connection and it shows that it's been connected for more than 2hours now after one of our Technical Specialists has assisted you in performing troubleshooting with the modem. 


Since wireless signals travel through the air, they are susceptible to different types of interference than standard wired networks. Interference weakens wireless signals and therefore is an important consideration when working with wireless networking. As you might be aware, the biggest factors which reduce Wi-Fi performance are the effect distance and internal walls have on signal strength as well as the number of users using the network simultaneously. 


I’m glad to know this issue is now resolved. If you experience this issue in future, you may find this article up at TPG Community helpful:


Should you require further assistance, you may reach out to us again or you may check out our self-help options located here: