Ping times

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Hi all and TPG


I am currently getting high download speeds 50+, but ping at its best is still 14. I have a friend who has download speeds of about quarter of mine but getting Pings of about 4 ms. Is there a reason why mine is much slower and how does that impact my internet speeds etc.?


Any info appreciated and thanks in advance


Hi @panda1234


Welcome to the community! 


Ping is a networking utility used to determine the reachability of an online server.


The ping is the reaction time of your connection–how fast you get a response after you've sent out a request. A fast ping means a more responsive connection, especially in applications where timing is everything (like video games). Ping is measured in milliseconds (ms). 


It should not affect your internet speed or download however, if the number of ping gets to an alarming rate (reaches up to a hundred or more), then that can affect your internet experience even if the download speed remains the same. It could be you’re connecting to a server that’s geographically too far away to facilitate low latency, or possibly, has something to do with a game’s netcode.


Alternatively, it could be local considerations, such as how much bandwidth is being used, or potential interference on a wi-fi network. 


Nevertheless, if you're experiencing connection issues, please let us know so we can have our Technical Team to assist you.