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Please cancel my Internet account

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I am trying cancel my TPG nbn service but am unable to find an email address to do so anywhere. Why is this? Seems very dodgy that it’s so hard to do. I have tried calling but was on hold for over an hour and the live chat is a joke as I can’t even get through.
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Cancel mine too please.
I tried this,

Let you know how it goes.
Online chat is ludicrously difficult to get a hold of anyone, and when you do they disappear....
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Can you please help me to cancel my internet service. Have been trying for days with phone and chat. TPG is a customer service train wreck!

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Hi Please help me cancel my internet

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Email in writing to
Include service number, name, address, DOB. Should get an automated message. I was advised on chat that this should work. I was shocked I got through.
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I also need to cancel my internet. I cannot get through on your phones at the moment.

How do I cancel it immediately.
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I would like to cancel my TPG internet service, can you please provide instructions on cancellation? We have moved where internet is already provided and wish to simply cancel the account.




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Hey there, my mum would like to cancel our account as soon as possible, the account user is jaswinder9. Please email me regarding the next steps as we have already switched our service.
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I would like to cancel my internet with TPG as I've gone to another privider. Please provide me with the email address to cancel my subscription. 

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Because we are tired to call and not be able to talk to anyone. We are more than 2 hours on phone to talk