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Wifi very slow - only 1-2 bars at most

Level 2

I am using 2.4GHz for home use.

I have a Broadband plan SL Bundle 100.

I only ever have up to one band of network - and very slow connnection on my PC, am having to use mobile phone personal hotspot to get good coverage on my PC. SHouldny happen with this type of bundle?

I have tried changing channels. I was on Channel 11 and have changed to 6, with no improvement.

I live in a house, not apartment.

What can I do?


Hi @Dee41


We've created some articles that will help you troubleshoot the Slow speed issue.


If you are using a WIFI connection, then you may check these links to improve your home network.

If you need further assistance, please send us a private message with your TPG customer ID, username and complete address so we can pull up the account.


To send a PM, please refer to this link: How do I private message (PM) in the community