Poor Adsl speed

Level 2
We are experiencing very poor internet speed since August and its getting worse. I've called many times and even got technicians from TPG but the problem persist. Internet is literally not working and its really frustrating when you pay for nothing but waste 30 minute or long waiting time just to get a line to talk to your operators. I don't know if it is normal for TPG but for us as a customer this is worst service ever experienced. I used to hold very high opinion for TPG and even recommended many of my friends but i'm sorry to this that i regret.

Hi @Nabin,



This is definitely no good and not the experience we want for our valued customer like you Nabin. We'd like to help in resolving this speed issue that you have encountered.  I'll coordinate this with our support team and have this sorted. I've got no luck searching your account using your Community Details. Please PM us with your Username or Customer ID for us to make the necessary arrangements. Thank you.