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Poor internet after NBN servicing in the area

Level 4

Recently NBN did some service work in my area and since then I have packet loss and poor connections to the games i play, huge lag and disconnects.

The first NBN work was on the 6th, I had a notification more NBN work on the 16th and surprising the connections even worse now. There is more service work due on the 20th I am afraid to lose my internet after that.

I am running a WinMTR trace from my home to TPG and just 1 hop I have 16% packet loss.

Please can someone work out why after years I suddenly have horrible internet, I also recieved a new modem when my old one died, so I assume this modem is not faulty.

I left it running and its dropped to 12 % loss, but its still destroying the connection to the games. This needs fixing.

WinMTR Statistics

WinMTR statistics





Hi @skozzy, we'd like to have a closer look at your connection and investigate. Could you send your details via private message, please?




Level 4

I cant seem to reply to your private message. So.

I bought new network cables, About $65, replace my old ones with some Cat-6

I was still getting errors. I dug up the old modem that has the power cycle issue and when using the no errors, but it doesnt run for too long. I see you asked if I could do a factory reset on the new modem.

I did end up doing that and so far that seems to have reduced the data loss from 20% to 1% and less.

Sadly in doing thise I broke the network port on my main pc, so I can only use it on wifi now. Will have to spend more getting a PCI-e network card now.

I will let you know again the results in a few days. NBN and TPG both sent me a text messages the work in my area is finished, then got a message NBN had an outage, then a few hrs later a message the outage was fixed. Everything happening at the same time.