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Post Office not receive short emails


48 hours and hasn't been looked at so asking it again.


Because of lost and delayed emails during the changeover to TMC, I did tests sending test emails from my address to TPG Post Office. I did this late evening of 15/10 and evening of 16/10. There was some inconsistency across the two durations. It looks like Post Office will not receive emails if the length is less than approx 9,600 bytes.
My test emails had a 4 byte subject and variable length message text. Subject of 4 bytes and message text of 97 bytes was the shortest that Post Office would receive. The other variable is the length of control records inserted by email servers between web server and TPG Post Office. The length of control records can amount to at least 9,500 bytes. The greater the length of control records, the less user text is needed to make Post Office receive the email.

This is not suitable behaviour.  An email with no subject and no text could be significant to a recipient. Gmail can send an email with no subject and no message to my address, albeit with a warning to me.
Post Office will send an email with no subject and no message with no warning. So it should be able to receive the same email (no subject, no message).


Hi @david64 


Have you raised it with Post Masters? If yes, may we have the subject line of the email for us to make a follow up.




@BasilDV . I would prefer for you to send it to Postmaster. It is probably quicker for us to communicate if there is more info you think is needed.

I will PM you my Gmail sender and TPG username.


This is a list of emails sent from my Gmail account to my TPG account. They have a Subject of   Test   and the message starts with   Sent 16 oct   followed by approx time. The subject length is 4 bytes and the message text length varies.
The arrivals are verified in Post Office.
            Arrived at TPG? Length
17 47   Y                        4+238
17 51   N                        4+28
17 56   Y                        4+228
17 58   Y                        4+208
18 01   Y                        4+178
18 06   Y                        4+158
18 08   Y                        4+128
18 11   Y                        4+108
18 13   N                        4+88 DIDN'T ARRIVE
18 22   Y                        4+98
18 25   N                        4+94 DIDN'T ARRIVE
19 01   N                        4+96 DIDN'T ARRIVE
19 12   Y                        4+98
19 13   Y                        4+97
19 17   N                        4+96 DIDN'T ARRIVE
19 34   Y                        4+97
19 39   N                        0 NO SUBJECT, NO MESSAGE. DIDN'T ARRIVE
22 13   Y                        4+97
23 00   Y                        4+124




@BasilDV . Some extra info. Comparing mail headers from a few months ago to now, there are some extra servers in the path. These servers will have to be queried to determine if they are dropping the mail items which did not arrive. Seems to have happened since TMC became involved.


Received: from (HELO mqr.i-08ab2b449dfe39aac) ([]) by with ESMTP; 16 Oct 2023 17:49:58 +1100

Received: from MX.i-0adeb4d366534a726 by MQR.i-08ab2b449dfe39aac with esmtps (envelope-from <>) id 1qsHQL-0002yX-3D for; Mon, 16 Oct 2023 06:49:58 +0000

Received: from ([]) by MX.i-0adeb4d366534a726 with esmtps (envelope-from <>) id 1qsHQL-0003dn-2o for; Mon, 16 Oct 2023 06:49:57 +0000


Got it! We'll raise this with our Post Masters and will provide updates once available.