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Problem with latency (nbn)

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I've been having problem with high ping (latency) and really slow internet recently.

I use nbn in ACT, have 2 computers but the problem happens even with the use of single computer.

We cannot access to Ethernet cable as our computers are upstairs and cant connect it from downstairs storage room where the internet cable is.

Could someone run the remote test on our connection? My TPG ID is same as this (martincoates). Do I have to make a phone call to do this? It's quiet hard for me to talk over the phone as I have an infant :/

Any help or assistance would be appreciated!


Hi @martincoates


Welcome to the Community!


It seems like you have an NBN Fiber To The Premise (FTTP) account. With this technology, we can't perform a speed test remotely.


Based on your post, it looks like all your devices are on a WIFI connection. Were you able to test a device (smartphone or tablet) beside the router to check if this is a wireless range issue?


Please run a speed test on your devices and upload your results here. I suggest that you run the test from (if using a computer) or Ookla speedtest app for smartphones. Get the results when your device is beside the router (for the portable devices) and in the usual locations where you use your devices.


In addition, changing the wireless channel may help with WIFI-related issues. Check this link on how to perform a wireless channel change.


Let me know how it goes.