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To rub salt into the wound, I also just read somehwhere, that they can't garauntee that your emails that were sent during the outage will actually be recieved when they are back online.

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Looks like alot more people are having the same problem while these muppets are keeping it hush, hush



Hi @nomailtoday and @cofu


Our sincerest apologies for the inconvenience.


The outage was caused by a failure affecting the storage system, through which the email systems operate. The failure has meant that customers have had difficulties using the email systems during the period of outage. Our network Engineers are actively working to resolve the issue at the earliest.


We've posted an update here in the community. You may refer to [Update] TPG Email Outage.


Further updates will be posted on our service status page and here in the community.


Thank you for your patience.


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@blinky52 wrote:

This "outage" is a disaster of epic proportions.  It is obvious that TPG does not know what is going on or how to rectify the problem.  It is now two full days and no resolution is sight.  Just look at the service updates on their web site.  There have been at least 10 service updates with the rectification time moving further out.  The latest 5pm today!  Totally unacceptable.  Customers must be compensated!  I cant receive flight tickets or boarding passes, cant receive insurance renewals, cant download receipts, cant do any financial transactions that require documents to be completed.  This outage is costing me money and TPG must compensate me for this.  I strongle beleive part of the problem is that TPG have their technical staff located overseas.  You cant call the call centre!  The updates are unrelaible!  I am waiting for a law firm to ring me back as I am asking if they can start a class action law suite against TPG.  I am also looking at cancelling my NBN account and emai laccount.

I 100% agree with you. The loss of emails is a disaster.


I am in the process of looking for NBN - was just simply going to go with TPG given how long I have been with them - I was an original IHUG customer. But after this disaster I will NOT be staying with TPG.


If a class action is started please count me in

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I haven't had emails since Monday night (Adelaide) just got emails Tues. & Wed 2 hours ago and got Friday's emails just now but no thursdays. Pretty ordinary to not have access from Tuesday morning to now and still not resolved
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Dear Mauel


Service status for email is  currently given as "No Issue reported" but after 3 DAYS I still CANNOT log into Postoffice!...


Service status doesn't reflect reality!


I have learned a majpr lesson NOT to rely on TPG. If this had happened 24 hours earlier I would have been stuck overseas unable to get onto my flight.


What is the true situation?


Hi @tdewis and @nomailtoday, we are checking the matter with our Network Engineers.


Hi @tdewis and @nomailtoday, please PM us your TPG customer ID, username and email address so we can pull up the account.


To send a PM, please refer to this link: How do I private message (PM) in the community

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Have sent you a private message too - email access has been down since last Wednesday, apart from 15 minutes restored 9pm (East Coast) last night. We signed up to TPG dial-up in 1998 - not the way to treat 20+ years customers.