Re: TPG Email Outage

Level 1b

Our email was out for 4 days!!

Level 3

It's day 5 of interruptions for me now. 

I sent you my account details via PM.

I have even tried changing my password as you suggested. Nothings works!

I still cannot get into my email at TPG Post Office.

Level 1d

I just cannot believe how long this is taking to fix. I finally was able to receive emails on Saturday night so that was a nice surprise when I woke, But then I found that I coiuld not send emails which in some ways is even worse. 

I have called TPG twice but all I get is we are working 24/7, doing all we can, we will be in touch blah blah blah. It was just following the compaly line but told me nothing. I have been with TPG for around 20 years and the response has been very disappointing. Just level with your customers TPG  and be honest with us and do not just keep us in the dark.

If you do that , you will get better results. 


Moderator Moderator

Dear All,


The email issue is now resolved and no customers should have any more email issues. If you are experiencing any problems please private message us so we can help.


The outage duration was from Wednesday late afternoon until Friday evening, however a small group of customers experienced intermittent email issues over the weekend until Monday morning.


The outage was caused by a failure affecting the storage system, through which the email systems operate.


This issue and your feedback has been taken very seriously by our business. We understand and apologise for the inconvenience and frustration caused by this issue.


Level 3

If TPG are taking this as seriously as they claim, why has this not yet been addressed by management - only a site moderator, who is clearly only doing a cut/paste on each forum thread ?


We want

- a full explanation of what happened

- what you are doing to ensure it does not happen again

- an appology - for both the issue and the lack of customer service during and after the outage.


Hi @captainphil,


Our apologies for the inconvenienced caused by the recent email outage. I can only imagine how frustrating it was for not being access to emails at that time.


As noted in our Service Status and in a community thread [Update] TPG Email Outage:


"The outage was caused by a failure affecting the storage system, through which the email systems operate. The failure has meant that customers have had difficulties using the email systems during the period of outage. "



I can totally understand your hesitation and concerns brought about by the email outage. Nonetheless, TPG will strive to continuously improve in order to cater to our growing member base. We want to thank you as well for your feedback since this will be a learning experience for us in ensuring that we provide a better customer service.



Level 1c

Friday Sept 20 1:30pm.  Neither my wife or I can log into our TPG Emails.

Don't tell me the system has crashed again.


Hi @Vicpro,


There was an unplanned outage that affects the TPG Emails and Post Office.


Are you able to check your email? Some customers were able to login already.


Further updates will be posted on our Service status page.




Level 3

Basil - experience has taught us that your server status page cannnot be trusted !

Even now, it states the issue started just beofre 1:00pm

I have an email from you guys confirming you were aware of it 40 mins prior

How about a little honesty ?


Hi @captainphil,


We can't confirm the exact time when the issue occurred, it is possible that our technical team has received and indeed even our team has received reports of the e-mail issue.

We had to coordinate it with our system administrators for further investigation and in turn they will be the ones who will declare it either as an outage, which we post on our service status or isolated incidents.