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Refund request and rude operators

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Hi TPG thieves,


I recently tried to cancel my home NBN and could not believe how many hoops I had to jump through to even get the service cancelled.


From reading the posts on this previously, I was aware of the 30 day notice and therefore completed the online service cancellation request over a month ago. To my surprise, nothing got actioned and I got charged for another month of service. Attempted to call the 1300 number, after a few attempts and waiting and got put on hold, finally got to a service rep who finally actioned the request. However, TPG had a gut to immediately disconnect the broadband connection on the spot but still charge for the 30 day notice. WTF!!! I thought the 30 day notice was to give you guys a heads-up, so that I could continue using the service until such time the service is cancelled.


To complicate the matter, given the recent derect debit for the service I am no longer using, there should be a credit in my account, which I again rang up and query how to get this refunded. Spoke to a (useless) rep on the phone and she could not give me a definitive answer. After asking a few questions which she could not answer, she asked to put me on hold to check with her manager. Guess what, was put on hold for 45 minutes and she never got back to me. So I hang up.


Would someone please get back to me and get this sorted, before I pursue other avenues. I will also be cancelling my mobile contract with these thieves once it finishes.


To anyone who is reading this, stay away from these thieves. It's not worth the hassle...


Hi @Nickylkt


Let's make sure that you will be getting the help needed for this matter. Kindly send me a private message with your TPG customer ID or username and I'll take it from there. 

How do I private message (PM) in the community