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internet not reliable for over a month

Level 2

i have been a loyal customer for years now but im thinking about changing . ive made 3 phone calls to TPG for assisstance for constant internet dropping out and was given a number xxxxxxx.  i have explained to 2 operators that i need this internet for emails and work and its simply not providing the service i pay for . the excuses i get are that telstra have line outages but i have contacted my neighbours and they all have no trouble so that is not a viable excuse anymore . if its not fixed by the end of the week you will be losing a loyal customer for good . 


Hi @glennbreedon


We've edited your post as it contains a ticket number that can be used to compromise your account.


Based on the ticket number, your service is part of a Network degradation issue within the NBN network.

You may check your address here:


The estimated time of restoration is on 31/03/2022 by 2:30pm AEDST.


This is being monitored by our Outage monitoring team and updates will be provided once available.