STILL dropping out!!

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This has become an absolute joke. I was told a week ago that this would be fixed and it hasn't. My router drops out every couple of minutes constantly. I can't work, i can't browse, I can barely get this post out before i lose connection.


This is becoming unacceptable and i will end up taking this further if it is not fixed. 


Hi @chimaira56 


What troubleshooting have you done some far?



Below is a list of troubleshooting techniques that may help you identify the source of your connection problem.


1) Check the quality of your telephone line.


ADSL is very sensitive to any noise on a telephone line, and if there is any such interference it can cause the type of problem you are experiencing.


- Connect a telephone handset to your line and make a test phone call.

- Ensure that the line is clear of any noise or crackling.


2) Isolate the line and replace the cable.


Note: If there is an alarm system connected to your telephone line, please ask your alarm company to confirm it is filtered.


- Remove all telephone devices, including handsets, fax machines, filters, double adaptors, and extension cables.


- Plug the modem directly into a wall socket on a new, short telephone cable.


Phone cables quite commonly develop faults which can impair your modem's ability to connect properly. Additionally, phone extension cables weaken the ADSL signal on the line and cables longer than 3 metres can significantly degrade connection quality. If you have additional devices on the line, the fastest way to eliminate them as the cause of your dropouts is to remove them from the line. This is called an isolation test and will need to be done for an extended period of time (~8 hours or so). If you require phone services during the day this test can be completed overnight. Please note the start and end times of your isolation test so we can compare your results with our connection logs.


3) Test an alternate wall socket.


If you are still experiencing dropouts whilst the service is isolated, please try the modem on another telephone wall socket if possible. The first socket in your premises (usually the one closest to the street) is the best option. Be aware that if there are any damaged cables or connectors within your premises (wiring internal to building) this will also cause problems with your ADSL service.


- If you have multiple wall sockets at your premises, try the modem on an alternate socket.

- Keep the line isolated whilst testing.


If your connection is more stable on a different socket, it might suggest you have a faulty wall socket in your premises or a fault with internal wiring.


4) Test an alternate modem.


Note: Please do not purchase a new modem for testing purposes. ADSL lines are affected by many factors and may not be improved by using another device.


- If you do have access to an alternate modem, connect it to your isolated line and test the stability of your connection over 48 hours.


If you are able to take photos of your setup and lights on the modem and attach this would be a great help in identifying your connection issue.




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Hi karl. I raised this issue a week ago and was told that there were decaying lines in the area that may be affecting it and that i would be contacted by a technician in regards to fixing them?

We dont use a phone connection at all. Only one computer is connected directly to it and all of the cables are in good condition.

The internet and adsl lights go off and on every few minutes on the modem.
As previously stated, i have already been in contact with you and been told that the issue would be resolved and havent heard from anyone in the week since. I do not appreciate a troubleshooting guide when it is not relevant to my situation.

Hi @chimaira56 


I will arrange a call from our Tech team to look into it further.