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This is my 5/6th communication and after 5 days of no internet and so many emails to TOG I am a very angry senior citizen. Where is the security key..... I have tried so many times to type in and failed that I need to know exactly how many digits are there or letters. What is the first one??! I have not got a password.... I tried to change the password I don't have and after 25 minutes I quit. The letters/figures as so tiny(like the modem). I cannot read them (with glasses). Why did I leave Telstra? The internet there was so simple just so slow.
Would someone please help before I contact the Ombudsman. I am trying to make overseas flights etc and using a mobile is impossible..
Pam Neil

Hi @pamela1900,


Sorry to hear that you are having issues connecting to the WiFi of your modem.


The default WiFi password is in the sticker which may be labeled as "WPA", "WPA-PSK", etc.


Here's a community link;, which will guide you on how to locate the WIFi password and name.


Let us know should you require further assistance.


Kind regards,