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Setting internet "off" times for all users

Level 2
Hi, I have a TPG supplied TP link VX 220- G2v router. How do i make sure there is no internet access between 11.00 pm and 5.45 am, everyday. I do not want my teenage children staying up all night. I want to make sure noone has internet access during these hours.

Please share instruction on how to set my router do this.
Level 15

Hi @sb171294 . There is no user manual for this model, so using the VR1600 as a guide.

Set up time parameters. Advanced, System Tools, Time Settings.

Select time zone. Set NTP time server:

Set daylight saving start and end dates.

Set wifi off times. Advanced, Wireless, Wireless Schedule.

Enable wireless schedule. Add times to disable wifi. Times might only be to the half hour.

At the set time, the router wifi indicator lights turn off. The SSIDs disappear off wifi devices.

This doesn't affect ethernet connections.