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Setting up TPG email for Windows 10 Live Mail


How to Set up your TPG Email in Microsoft Windows Live Mail


Before doing the set up, make sure you have your account User name and password. Otherwise contact our Help desk technical support to provide the information.


Step 1. On the upper left corner of the screen kindly click on “Account” and on the right panel click on “Add Account”.





Step 2. Another screen will come up, select the type of email address you want to set up. For most

TPG Customer use POP unless you have subscribe for an iMap. Kindly click on “Advance Set up”.





Step 3. Click on “Internet Email” to manually type your details.




Step 4. In this step, you can manually type your email account details. Once done, click on “Sign In” to continue.




Incoming mail server:

Outgoing mail server:









Step 5. Your email is now ready. Click “Done” to finish.





Take Note: If you encounter any issues in setting up your email, kindly contact our help desk hotline on 13 14 23 and we'll be more than happy to assist you.