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Setting up email on your Windows 10 and Mac Mail 10

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This article has been created to help get your email working for current Windows 10 mail app and current Mac mail app.

You can use this guide to add any email account onto your windows 10 mail or Mac mail 10.


Apple have a very useful site to check your email settings that you may need in setting up your email. Click here to get those settings.


For TPG email settings use the details in the below table.


tpg settings.PNG


Setting up your email on Windows 10

Automatic Setup


1.Click on the Windows icon and then Mail




2.Click on Add Account



pic 1.PNG3.Click on Other account pop,IMAP




4. Enter your Email address, username and password and then hit Sign in




Email address will now sign in.


Manual Setup

If automatic setup fails. Widows will prompt you to add settings in Manually.

Update all details for your email provider. Use TPG manual settings or settings like the below image.




Your email now is manually configured.


Checking your emails







Setting up your email on Mac Mail 10


Click on the mail Icon from the task bar



Click on Mail then Add account




Click on Add Other Mail Account...

Then add you your details and hit Create





Manual Settings for Mac mail 10

To add manual server setting for incoming and outgoing mail server

Click on Mail then Preferences





Click on Accounts then Server settings and add the details below for you tpg Email Settings




 Your email will now be ready to use.


Checking your emails

Click on the Mail icon