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Severe Packet Loss but good ping and good speeds

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I have been with TPG NBN for a long time (roughly 2-3 years). I have never had a problem with the Internet service until about a week ago. Constantly when playing video games, I now get an unbearable amount of packet loss (10-90%) constantly. The main game I play is Call of Duty Warzone. The only way I was able to get rid of the packet loss completely was to use ExitLag, a program that is essentially a VPN and reroutes packets to the Activision servers. This leads me to believe that something with TPG has gone wrong to cause this sudden problem. Before a week ago, I played Warzone flawlessly for a year with no packet loss issues. The weird thing is too, my ping is at roughly 20-30ms when I was getting these insane packet loss spikes. Speed tests show 100mbps download and hardly any jitter maybe like 2-5ms of jitter. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you. I have done the basics like restarting my NBN termination box and router etc. I use FTTC technology for reference. Thanks

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I have the exact same issue with packet loss and warzone. same timeframe as well

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@locky47 @gizmorusso . Is your computer on ethernet or wifi?

If you use wifi, check response time to the router.

ping -n 50 -l 4400


Do you know the ip address of the game server?

Do these commands when you have the packet loss. The tracert will show where delays occur going directly to game server.
ping -n 30  ipaddress

tracert ipaddress


Do the ping and tracert commands for the VPN server (Exitlag) ip address when you are NOT connected to VPN. Shows the path to the VPN server; where it differs and why it's faster than the direct path.


Connect to the VPN and do the ping and tracert commands to the game server.


The path via VPN to Activision game server must be much quicker than the direct path to the game server.

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Hey mate, I only ever play through a hardwired ethernet connection. Never through wifi. I'm not sure how I'd obtain the IP address of the Activision server, but I'll do some investigating and give it a look.

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Same issue with me and my mates with TPG

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If there's no reasonable solution I may have to change providers. Something with the way TPG routes packets to activisions servers has changed or faulted recently. This has only happened within the last two weeks.


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I agree something has changed in the last two weeks. before this I had no Packetloss at all. Now consistently 10-30%

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Yeap. EXACTLY the same for me. 10-30% constant. Very very annoying.


Hi All,


I would love to help and make investigation with this particular Packet Loss issue affecting Warzone. If you are affected, shoot me a private message with your account details (Username/Customer ID together with the address no file).


Also perform these tests below and include the result on your message.


To conduct a continuous ping, ensure that none of your other PCs are doing internet activity.
Open up the command prompt of one of your PCs.
Type the following in "ping <IP address> -n 1000" without the quotations.
ping -n 1000
ping -n 1000
ping -n 1000

Wait for the test to finish and for the PING STATISTICS, found at the end, to show up.
Save the screenshots.

We should have 3 ping test results.


To conduct a trace route,
Open up the command prompt of one of your PCs.
Type the following in "tracert" without the quotations.
EXAMPLE: tracert

Perform another trace route to your game server.

Save a screen shot of the traceroute results.


For speed tests, please run the speed tests at :
Please just get a screenshot after the test is complete.
Please don't forget to indicate the timestamps for these tests.



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@Shane . The ping and tracert commands shouldn't have      http://     in front of the host name.

The ip address looks a lot like the default gateway address found in a router's ewan status. There's no point pinging that because it's unlikely to be relevant to these users. Their default gateway will show up when they do their own tracert to TPG or look in the router.

TPG's own speed test gives a better result because there are no ads being downloaded like in 

I suggested locky47 should do a tracert to his VPN provider to see why it is faster compared to direct path.


The ip address of the game server can be found with a bit of work.

Before starting the game, do     netstat -an      and note the ESTABLISHED connections.

Start the game and do the netstat command again. Note the new established connections and the Foreign Address. These should be the game server.