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Shocked with the latest mail from TPG

Level 4

I have been paying the top tier price for my internet since NBN has been availble here, not only that but many years prior with TPG on ADSL, there are plans lower in price with the same speeds then I currently pay yet I am being asked now to pay more to keep what I have.

I think someone at TPG needs to review which customers they want to rip off. I want to keep my 40mb Up speed and I do not want to pay $10 more for it, TPG can take my homephone away from my plan instead. I was recently offered 200mb down I and I knocked that back cause it has a much slow upload speed, I need my upload speeds for the times I put videos on Youtube, which is not often, but enough for it to bother me having my uploads capped at 20mb/sec

TPG im not happy. Go back to the drawing board