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Significant Packet Loss and disconnections

Level 2
Hello TPG, Ever since the TPG black out a few weeks ago my connection has currently been experience a singnificant amounts of packet loss and disconnects constantly throughout the day. I've never had this issue previously, is there a way for you to check my line to see if this is due to a physical fault? Again, I've never really had much issues with the service until the black out and it's been persistently performing well. Can someone please check and get back to me? Thank you! Gonzalo

Hi @gchinchilla


Welcome to Community! 


I did run remote tests on our end and there appears to be no fault on the line that can be service affecting. Your modem is currently detecting a sync speed of 19Mbps from the line which you can confirm when you log in to your modem's user interface.


When did you experience this issue? Was it while you're connected over Wi-Fi or it also happened via LAN connection? 


You can also do ping and trace route tests then post the results here so we can determine any underlying issues.