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Slave email not working

Level 2

Hi there,

I have a family email account which is our main email account and this account will send and receive emails without issue.

I have 2 x Slave email addresses One (1) which will receive emails but not send and one (1) which will neither send or receive.

I have checked that both slave emails are listed as active in the TPG database and they are.

I have checked the mail server settings and ports and they are set to the same as my main email account.

To say this is getting frustrating is underestimating how I feel about this as it has been going on for quite a while.

If anyone has any suggestions please reply as quickly as possible as I am going to be needing to use my slave accounts in a week or so.

Thank you


Level 2

Here is the error message I get from Microsoft Outlook 2019.

I am using Windows 11.



Hi ,


Some TPG customers were unable to login to Post Office between 10:03 to 10:35 PM SYD last night. The issue has been resolved; hence, you must able to access your email service. Apologies for the inconvenience.


Let me know if you require further help.