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Slow ADSL2 Speed

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What is standard ADSL2 speeds? Just found out NBN is delayed til our area til 2020; so need to sort what I think is super slow speed. Last test was 1.7mbps. That seems exceptionally slow. Is that just Telstra? Am I better off swicthing to new provider?



Hi  miawall


Welcome to the TPG Community! 


I was able to locate your account and using your Community details and have managed to ran remote tests. The test result was actually inconlcusive and the line speed you were getting based on your distance from the local exchange is within specification. 


We might need to check further if there are any underlying cause for the connection issue. I'll have our Technical team to contact and assist you on this. 


Could you please PM us with your best contact number and your most convenient time to receive a call so I can organise a call back to be made? 






Hi miawall,


Hope you're doing well! 


I did a remote test on our end in which you'll notice a drop out occured. It should help in improving the connection however if the issue still persists, please don't hesitate to let us know so we can have it checked with our Technical Team.