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unstable ADSL2+

Level 1b

Hello TPG,


I had adsl 2+ installed early of this month, has been experiencing very unstable ADSL2+ connection since. Can you please get a technician to fix it for me? Many thanks


Hi 42brentwooddr


Welcome to the TPG Community! 


I've located your account using your Community details and managed to ran remote tests. The test results were inconclusive and no evident line fault on the network. 


I can have one from our Technical Team to assist you in checking any underlying issues with the connection. Can I please have your best contact number and most convenient time to receive a call via private message so I can organise a call back to be made? 




Level 1b

Thank you very much for prompt reply. you best contact number is in my profile. will back Melbourne over the weekend. will appreciate if you can arrange a call back at 11:00 AM on 7 May (next Monday).


Many thanks!


Hi @42brentwooddr,


I've now arranged a call from one of our technicians on Monday, 7 May between 11:00am - 12:00pm. 


We would appreciate if you'll be at home during the time of call as our technician would carry out simple checks with you to eliminate any possible equipment issue.


Should you need further assistance, please let us know.