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Slow Speed w/ 250mbit plan, 40mbit at best

Level 2
I have the 250mbit plan, I have only used it for very light work the past 6 months. I went to hammer it tonight and I can get about 40mbit out of it at the most on my PC, phone and other devices from sites such as speedtestdotnet, Microsoft and other web page downloads, even torrents with multiple thousand seeders and peers. The best I can get is 5MB/s. I can't even check the speed with the TPG app, it instantly fails and I've tried multiple times. My location is Ravenswood TAS

Hi @jasonbrumby


What troubleshooting have you tried so far aside from testing the speed?

Are you using a Wired or a WiFI connection?


If via WiFi, are you connected to the 2.4GHz or 5GHz band network?


Please shoot me a PM with your TPG Username or customer ID number for us to run a line test.