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Slow connection

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Today my NBN download limit is very slow. I usually get 11.0Mbps using the TPG Speedtest. I can only get 5 or so today.

TPG Support page does not show any issue. I have rebooted both the cable modem and the HUAWEI HG659 with no success.


What's the issue this time? The connection was totally out for couples of days (last month or so?) and hope this is not happening again this month?


Hi @PauSum02,


Welcome to the community!


I went ahead and tried to pull up your account using  your community account details.


Initial test result shown your service is currently connected for 22h 41m.


I'd like to know on which device(s) you experience this slow connection?



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`Hi Shane,


What do you mean? I restarted both the cable modem and router trying to reset the slow speed with no luck and that's probably why it showed you that my services was connected for 2xhrs....


I am using the TPG supplied HUAWEI HG659. All my devices, both connected wired and wireless are slow, even today.


Attached please find the speedtest just one minute ago. I normally was able to achieve 11Mbps download.


Hi @PauSum02


I've checked your accound and can see that your current plan is our NBN Standard (nbn12). 


Let's say there are 4 devices connected at the same time, not all devices will get the 12mb of speed but rather be divided into all those devices connected. Another thing that we need to consider is the Wi-Fi capability. As you might be aware, the biggest factors which reduces Wi-Fi performance are the effect of distance and internal walls have on signal strength. 


Is there any difference if we try to ran a speed test using one device connected via Ethernet cable to your modem? 


I would still recommend to have one of our technicians call you to do real time testing with you. Please PM us your best contact time and number and we'll arrange this for you. 




Hi @PauSum02


We'd like to make a follow up regarding the issue that you've raised. 


Please let us know should you need further assistance. 



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Hi Erika,

The previous screen capture was the speed test performed on my wired pc.

I've checked today and the connection (download) speed is back to the usual 11.1Mbps.

FYI, I did the same test on my mobile phone on my wifi network and received the same speed.






The minimum speed during the day is definitely faster than the typical evening speed as this is outside the peak hours. As for your current plan, the typical evening speed is 11.2 and is ideal for 1-2 users. 


I'll organise a call back to be made to our Technical Team to check for any further underlying issues. Kindly let us know of your best contact time & number via private message. 




Good day, PauSum02


We can see that your modem appears to be connected for almost a day now. Should any assistance be needed, please don't hesitate to let us know. 




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The connection speed has dropped to below 5 for couples of days again.


Hi @PauSum02,


I ran initial tests on your connection and no dropouts occurred on the line. At the moment your service is connected for 3d 15h 51m.


I'd like to know on what device(s) you experience the dropouts.