Slow download/ upload

Level 3

I've had a modem for the last four years and the wifi stopped working altogether.   I am on a 100/40 service. This modem was replaced about two weeks ago with a TPLink AX1500/VX220-G2v. The new TPlink AX1500 was dropping 5G every few days.  So TPG replaced it with another TPLink AX1500/VX220-G2v, which i've just installed.  Now my download speed has dropped from 95+ to close to 50 and upload speed is 0.77 from approx 38. Is there an outage at the moment? or is the new modem faulty too? I've called tech support, but as usual not really helpful, logged with engineering team. 

Down ping 11/ Up ping 1481

Modem stats:


  Upstream Downstream

Current Rate (kbps)44199115832
Max Rate (kbps)49364136638
SNR Margin (dB)8.810.7
Line Attenuation (dB)11.26.4
Errors (pkts)00

Hi @adamjoliver


Upon checking, the Engineering team is now assessing the connection issue. Please ensure to keep the modem connected and powered on for remote testing purposes. 


Updates will be provided via phone call or SMS.