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Slow internet on TPG ADSL2+

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Hi, we've been having problems with our internet (slow speeds) for a few weeks now but last night it became incredibly slow to the point where it would drop out and not work again.  We've reset the modem, tried using it at different times of the day (it is still just as bad at midday on a weekday).  Is there anything else you can suggest?  Thanks


@oliviasalmon89 I ran a test on your line, it's clear of any interference. I made some minor adjustments to the signal to noise ratio to improve stability, can you check if there are any noise on the home phone? Just pick up the phone handset, press #1 and listen for any crackling noise.


How many phone sockets you have in the house?

What are the devices connected to it?


Kind regards,

Joseph D

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Thanks Joseph, I only have one phone socket and the modem is the only thing plugged in. I don’t have a home phone

Hi @oliviasalmon89,

Thanks for additional details. We made an adjustment to your connection to eliminate the noise on the line. I'd like to know if it is possible to use a different phone cable for testing purposes.

At the moment your service is now connected again for 4mns after the changes.




Hi @oliviasalmon89,

I monitor your connection since yesterday and the service is now connected for 13h 46m.

Let me know should you require further assistance.



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Thanks very much!

You're always welcome, @oliviasalmon89.


Have a lovely weekend! 😊