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Slow internet with VPN BEFORE 11:30 am

Level 2

i have recently started working from home due to lockdown and in the mornings the system is ultra slow but suddenly at about 11:30 am something changes and the system runs beautifully.  What happens at 11:30 am and how can I fix the issue in the morning?

Level 2
Got up early to test the system. Was working fine from 7am till 7:30 when the slowdown kicked in. So what changes between 7:30 am and 11:30 am to cause this issue?
Level 15

Hi @Spottheshark . Is your computer cabled to router or wifi device?

What type of NBN connection do you have?

Any activity on computer or other devices? Backups to cloud? Use Task Manager/Networking tab to check network activity.

Run these tests a few times with slowdown and after as comparison to see the delay.


ping -n 10

or whatever the router address is. Response should be 1 ms.

ping -n 10

Response should be under 10 ms.

If over, do    tracert     to see delay. If slow to TPG, delay could be in NBN network.

Do you know the host name or ip address for the connection to your work? Do the ping and tracert for this address.