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Slow speed, cannot contact tech support

Level 3

I am currently experiencing a major speed slowdown. Download speed is only 0.5mbps on an NBN Wireless XXL Bundle Boost plan. This is especially worrying as I will begin working from home tomorrow morning and require a steady, fast connection to remote into several work computers at once as well as use voice and video chat.

Link to results of speed test:


I have power cycled my modem twice so far.


I have been trying to get through to tech support for the past hour, and keep getting the same message:

"Our team members are currently serving other customers. We appreciate your patience. Please try again later."


Edit: I just ran the speed test again. Even worse result than before: 0.2mbps down, 0.0mbps up.

Level 2

What is your location? I am facing same issue with TPG. In fact for me it is not only slow but connection drops as well. I am Werribee, Victoria.

Level 3

I'm in the Northern Rivers region in NSW. Seeing a lot of people calling for their connections to be cancelled. Looks like this might be nation-wide, but I'm not getting any similar stories from friends and relatives using other ISPs.

It's gotta be a major issue with TPG for this to be happening.