Slow speeds

Level 2


Im experiencing very slow speeds. It gets so bad that I cant even stream radio on a wired connection from my modem to my pc. Have been through all of the troubleshooting stuff several times and many months ago with TPG. The speed gets better for a while and then fails. Today TPG said that they would upgrade my plan free of charge but I need to forfeit my free calls to 1300 and 13 numbers that are free on my current plan. I'm not sure that this is a fair trade off. Should I just be supplied with the service that I pay for? I'm not very tech savy so I'm looking for some advice from 'the community'.My current plan is NBN12. Can anyone please look at my speed tests and let me know if I'm getting what I'm paying for? Thanks in advance.


Hi @tomvidovic , please send us a private message with your TPG customer ID, username and complete address so we can pull up the account and help get to the bottom of this.


To send a PM , please refer to this link: How do I private message (PM) in the community