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Some services not loading data, unless reboot router - 5G Home Broadband

Level 3

Since moving to 5G Home Broadband, the BOM Weather app (Android) can not load data when opened. It's just all blank.


WhatsApp fails to do complete it's daily backup. (To Google Drive)


GMail failing to send/receive new email.


Taking the phone off wifi and back on to 4G (Optus), the data loads in just fine. Until i move back to Wifi (Sagemcom 5G router), the problems occur again.



Rebooted the Sagemcom Router, and all is now good. But for how long? I've had this service less than a day. If rebooting routers is something i'm going to have to babysit & do, I'm not interested. Coming from from solid NBN with none of this mucking around needed for many years.


Can I bring the firmware up to date on this Sagemcom 5G router please ? It's still on SGJy100058.


I've also done some tests with IPv6 disabled on Windows, and loading of sites seems so much faster. I noticed the Sagemcom router is reporting IPv4 DNS server addresses for IPv6 DNS servers. Sometimes it's not showing any IPv6 details and other times it foes. And the service fails the IPv6 DNS tests at


Hi @shaunf69,


Our Team is here to help! Please send us a private message and we'll go from there. 



Level 3
Going through this rubbish now, had 3 different Tech support from TPG send me around in circles.

Must be an issue with the Sagemcom modem hence why they use Nokia ones now.

Turning the modem on and off did work a couple of times then had to do factory reset which worked a couple of times but now nothing works.

Supposedly a networking engineer is calling me next week (who knows when) and doing another test...

If they don't send me a Nokia modem next week I am cancelling and moving elsewhere, not worth the headaches.