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Some websites and apps not opening

Level 2
I am having ongoing issues with my nbn service where certain websites and applications will just become unaccessible via all devices connected to my tplink ac1200 router.
These include very common sites like or the NBA mobile app etc.
The only solution i have found is changing the name of the wifi and the password then resetting, however i have had to do this 5 times now and did so within the last week and the issue is now occurring again.
Can someone provide a permanent solution please?

Hi @Avalanche 


Thanks for raising this with us.

Are you experiencing the issue with devices that's connected via WiFi?

Do you have a computer that is wired to the router? If yes, does it give you the same problem?


If it only occurs via WiFi, then aside from changing the WiFi name and password, have you tried changing the channel of the network?


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Let us know how it goes.