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Spam. Lots being received, all from the US

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Receiving shoals of spam from US. Looking at full headers, two that reappear often are  and  I would like to set my mail filter to block ALL US messages. Can that be done please reps? Theroretically it means blocking an origin addeess containg a null after the com but somehow I imagine that is not possible?


Hi @alanguide,


Our TPG Post Office has a Junk Mail Filter Feature that filters out spam messages.


To enable your Junk Mail Filter, please follow the directions below.


1. Login to your TPG Post Office with your username and password through this link :


2. Click on Settings.


3. Click on Mail Filtering Settings on the left side of the page.


4. On Select the level of filtering for all your incoming email box, choose the level of filtering you prefer. Below are the security level you can choose from:

    * Off - No filtering, turns off automatic Junk Filter detection
    * Low (Normal) - Low filtering, sets a low Junk Filter detection sensitivity
    * Medium - Medium filtering, sets a slightly higher sensitivity.
    * High - High filtering, sets the highest sensitivity (high setting also filters Bcc'd messages)


5. Click on Save Settings.

In addition, you can use other features under Mail Filtering Settings.


Address Filtering - allows you to create rules that will either block or allow messages to be delivered, no matter what content is within the message.    


Advanced Filters - allows you to create rules that can not be created with the Address Filters. These give a finer control on the way a message can be matched, and can be set to expire on a certain day if desired.

Let us know should you require further assistance. Cheers!

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Thanks, but I had done all those things. The problem was that all the *appparent* senders and subjects were different and only the content differed, always starting with my email name mis-spelt and the same font in red. However, I have had a look at the full headers and found a common 'from' line deep in the murk and applied that to the 'from' filter. Seems to be OK.

In relation to shoals of apprently genuine Aus. spam, I have forwarded each to ACMA per their procedure.

All this is fairly recent and I suspect that someone I have bought from on-line has sold my emial address. A pity I can't zero in on that breach of decency!



Thanks for taking the time to troubleshoot, @alanguide.


We'll have this escalated to our Post Master and check what can be done to resolve the issue.


We'll revert to you as soon as feedback is received.

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ESCALATION IS NOT NOW NECESSARY. As explained I have dealt with ithe US stuff, and ACMA wull deal with th Aus stuff. I am very fmailiar with all the filters and settings, and I do not want to set the filter to High because I may miss genuine emails..


Apologies, @alanguide.


Please let us know if we can be of any assistance. Thank you.


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I cannot see Mail Filtering Settings on left side of page at step 3?


Good day @maeemuir,


Welcome to TPG Community!

If you are in the TPG Post Office, you'll see the Settings tab on top. You need to click it, then the Mail Filtering Settings will come up.

For your reference: