Spam emails

Level 1a

I am getting inundated by cr@@@p emails in what appears to be Russian. They come from different addresses (literally hundreds so far) with different subject lines. How do I filter this garbage out before it comes to my mailbox.

Level 3

 You can change your Junk Mail Filtering. Other than that, there is no silver bullet to prevent junk mail


  • Webmail - click on settings at the top
  • Junk Mail Filtering
  • Select the level of filtering for all your incoming email
  • Set to High
  • Save settings  


Off - No filtering, turns off automatic Junk Filter detection.

Low (Normal) - Low filtering, sets a low Junk Filter detection sensitivity.

Medium - Medium filtering, sets a slightly higher sensitivity.

High - High filtering, sets the highest sensitivity (high setting also filters Bcc'd messages).

Level 1a

Junk mail filtering only seems to work on “consistent” sender addresses. The emails I am getting have a different sender address every time, so I can’t catch it that way.

does anybody else have the same problem?

Level 3

Unfortunately I dont know what algorithm TPG email uses to filter spam. Hotmail/outlook does not depend solely on consistent sender or subject header and they can even spoof your email address as the sender.


Try the spam filter on High and see if it catches most of the spam. Usually when spammers get a hold of your email there's nothing much you can do