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Speed change slower than expected.

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Just upgraded yesterday from 25 to 50.

Seems I am not getting the speeds I should be even though the node is right out front of my place on a new estate. Is this normal? I suspect not.

Received the email to say all done to Smiley Sad

 I have SFA copper between me and the Node. Is this a TPG purchase issue or just a node bottle neck?


Upstream line rate (kbit/s):
Downstream line rate (kbit/s):
Maximum upstream rate (kbit/s):
Maximum downstream rate (kbit/s):
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There are quite a few people complaining about issues after speed changes incuding myself. Mine switched over just fine (12 to 100) but now having the issues at night around 7pm were the router will hard lock under load and a physical reset fixes the problem. 

Don't know what going on but it definitely hasn't been a painless transition.


Hi @technoboffin,


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I'd like to organise a call from our Tech team to look into it further. Are you able to shoot us a private message of your preferred time and best number to be contacted?


Thank you.

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seems after talking to TPG....they are happy to commit fraud in Australia in relation to connection speeds.


Throttling is not on guys.


I pay for 50 I expect 50 not 31!


It is actually illegal.


Hi @technoboffin,


Internet speeds indicated are maximum theoretical speeds only. This doesn't mean that you will experience the maximum speeds at all times. Actual throughput speeds may be slower and could vary due to many factors including type/source of content being downloaded, hardware and software configuration, the number of users simultaneously using the network and performance of interconnecting infrastructure not operated by TPG.


The speed of the NBN FTTN service is also affected by the quality of the copper wire and also the cable length from your premises going to the node. Even though you are paying the same amount compare to the previous plan of NBN25 you still have an option to downgrade to the next plan which is NBN12 if the speed is not satisfactory.


I can arrange a call from our Accounts team should you decide to downgrade your NBN plan.


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I will be contacting ACCC and my local member regarding this.

Government is cracking down on this.
Expect a lawsuit guys.

This is understandable @technoboffin.


Due to technical limitations of the NBN fibre to the node infrastructure that we are using to provide you the service, it can only hold the speed that you are getting.


We have been in contact with the ACCC in regards to this matter. Please see this link for more information.


If you are not happy with the sync speed that you are getting on your NBN FTTN service, you have an option to change your plan from NBN50 to NBN12.