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What's the difference between ADSL2+ and NBN?
Because I'm paying more for NBN when my ADSL2+ Was just as fast. I don't see the difference! At first it felt like it, but now it's not! I sometimes go back to my 4G network to search quicker. So I've updated to the$89 a month to see the difference. I just want what I pay for. $59 for the ADSL+ was better in my opinion. Thanks

Hi @Gatinhafe1,


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ADSL2+ and NBN speed varies with contributing factor that may affect the speed and there are factors outside of an ISP's control.


Your newly upgraded plan is configured on the TPG NBN100 speed tier with typical evening speed of 66.2Mbps. We expect speeds on this plan outside of these hours to be on par or better as there are typically less active users on the network at other times. Of course this is not a guarantee of speed and as previously stated there are many factors that can impact on speed and performance.


We have dedicated, experienced support and engineering teams to assist in diagnosing and resolving any technical issues related to a customer connection.


Please send us a private message with your contact details so we can have a specialist contact you for assistance. Thank you.